The True Essence of Article writing

The pace of publication is important for the proper development of a blog. The more articles we write, the more the blog sees its SEO improve over time. So in this article we will tell you how we do to write articles faster, to save time.

Searching for article ideas at the right time

The best way to waste time is to get motivated to write a new article, to sit in front of his keyboard, hyper motivated, hot boiling, and ready to explode and to realize that before you start writing, you’ll have to look for an article idea. For the article content writing this is essential.

  • The worst thing is that by the time we get this idea of ​​an article, it is possible that we are lost a little or a lot of this motivation or it is possible that we are all simply no more time in front of us to even start writing.
  • If I want to write three articles the next day, then we write down at least 9 ideas.
  • And this simple action all stupid allows me to put myself directly to work the next day and allows me to gain valuable time.
  • And keeping a written record can sometimes bring out some ideas that had been forgotten for a long time, and over time they had time to mature, consciously or not, in our head, we had for example the time to learn new things, new info, that allow us to take action now.

Take action at the right time & choose your priorities

The best time to work efficiently and quickly is just after a good night’s sleep, when you’re fresh and available. Unfortunately, many bloggers work in parallel as a full-time employee, so obviously we do not all have the opportunity to start writing articles as soon as we get up. Another important thing to save time in writing is to clearly define your priorities.

And among these actions, there are some that require a lot more concentration than others. For example, writing an article requires significantly more concentration than sharing a link on Facebook or responding to a simple email.

And if we want to save time, we must perform the actions that require the most concentration in priority. Because if we realize small actions that do not require or little concentration, style respond to emails or make connections, before others, and well we “tired” (I do not find the right word) a bit our brain for not much in the end.

Write in appropriate conditions

To write articles quickly it is necessary to meet certain conditions which facilitate the concentration. We must first relieve stress, which is really not easy in some cases; in this case you should not hesitate to consult blogs on personal development can find solutions.

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